Top Three Landscape Designs

There are quite a number of popular landscape designs to choose from when talking to a landscaping expert. However, the important thing to remember is that the best landscape design is one that you have carefully planned for and included attention to detail.

It is impossible to force your landscape to be what it is not. For example, it isn’t possible to have a woodland landscape in a suburban setting. But you can opt of for an oriental landscape which is a better fit for the space available.

Below are the best types of landscapes to consider

Oriental landscape

This type of landscape infuses an air of tranquility and calm to transform a yard into an oasis. It heavily features Asian and oriental elements but maintains an understated and simple overall aesthetic. It has a few focal points as opposed to being filled with different plants. For example, it can have statue of a cultural Asian figure surrounded by ground cover, not trees, hedges or shrubs that will overpower the statue.

Oriental landscapes also feature a lot of natural materials like rocks and gravel paving meandering walkways. The highlight is often a water body or a fountain. The water is a key element in infusing serenity to the landscape. Put some lanterns and wind chimes to complete the landscape.

Formal Landscape

This landscape features geometric designs and has a clear structure within a symmetrical layout. Typical formal landscapes do not follow nature and have to be cultivated to form the final aesthetic. It features the traditional sophistication of a garden bit with very well planned out and detailed sections and divisions.

The plant size and the type of plant is an important consideration when creating a formal landscape. Plants that conform to geometric designs like boxwood low hedges help bring symmetry to the design of the landscape. To start a formal landscape it is best to begin with trees, shrubs, and hedges then follow with perennial plants and finally plant the ground cover species. Because the formal landscape is more focused on repetition to create symmetry, it is important to plant in masses.

English garden landscape

Gentle rolling lawns on a sprawling garden with a grove of trees as the backdrop characterizes an English garden landscape. This is a picturesque landscape that features components like bridges and a living archway. This is a great option for a large estate where the recreations like ruins can be seamlessly incorporated to create an idyllic landscape.

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