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Chicago landscaping service is committed to caring for the environment. As such all our practices and methodologies are geared towards leaving a small carbon footprint. Choose us because not only will we cater to your landscaping needs, but we will also keep the existing natural ecosystems around your home intact and safe.

Chicago Landscaping Services commitment to sustainability

At our company we have been showing our commitment to sustainable landscaping practices since the day we opened our doors. Our dedication comes from a well thought out strategy and not a knee jerk reaction to marketing ploys. We love the environment and we are here to prove it. That is why we partner with our customers to use and teach the best sustainable gardening and landscaping practices.

Eco-friendly products

No water wastage

Natural compost

Sustainable pest removal

Other Commitments:

“Our blog posts are aimed at both our current and potential customers. We want to bring you up to date information that you can use to create the thriving landscape of your dreams. Your contribution is crucial to us so leave your feedback on the post or let us know about landscaping topics you would like to explore further.”

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Why Choose Us

Chicago landscaping services works in tandem with industry experts using modern technology. We place a high value on trust and strive to foster and build that trust with everyone we work with. Let us give you prestige with our impeccable landscaping.

Our products

The environment always comes first as far as we are concerned and that is why we use the most eco-friendly products to tend to your garden. We can also supply the best materials specific to your locale to sustain your plants from soil amendments to fertilizers and garden tools.

Our support

You can rely on our support team from 8am to 5pm each day for a dependable service and knowledgeable responses to all the questions you have.

Our pricing

Reasonable, affordable and value for money are some of the words customers have used to describe our charges. We do not believe in exploiting customers or forcing clients to buy extra services that they do not really needs. Our pricing and plans are straightforward with no hidden charges in the fine print.

Our partners

We only work with companies with the same commitment to the environment as we do. Our partners, just like us, have a track record for providing their customers with A+ services.

Our team

Our team comprises of experts with years of experience. They are friendly, approachable and available to you. After all we believe that when you win, we win.

Our work ethic

We strive to keep every interaction with our customers, suppliers and partners on a very professional level. We are efficient in our work process to maximize the time frame given for each project without compromising on quality.


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Years Experience

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